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The APOLLEX pneumatic LMLF airmotor is the heart providing the motive force for various applications where pneumatic power is required. The APOLLEX pneumatic LMLF airmotor is unique in pneumatic equipment circles as it does not require regular external oil lubrication to operate at peak performance. The APOLLEX pneumatic LMLF airmotor is LOW MAINTENANCE as it is internally lubricated, requiring only a three monthly workshop service which can be performed by any person after some basic training which we provide.

The APOLLEX pneumatic LMLF airmotor is currently being effectively used in the following areas of Mining, Construction and Industry:

A) Positive displacement grout pumps.

B) Lubrication Grease pumps.

C) Oil Transfer pumps.

D) Water pumps.

For more information please send an e-mail to: info@fishertech.co.za with the words “Airmotor” and we’ll get back to you.